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Ward Hogland



Ward Hogland, has been with the West Booneville Church of Christ for about twenty three years.  He has often said, "The credit of anything I am or have been belongs to God, and I am nothing without his benevolent grace."  He first moved to Booneville in 1977 and spent about eight years with this congregation and then he moved to Conway, Arkansas where he spent about 12 years at Northside Church of Christ.  The brethren here invited him to return in 1996 and for the past 18 years he has not only served as evangelist but also as one of the elders of this congregation.  Ward is married to Maxine (Hughey) Hogland and they have four sons.


Ward has conducted meetings all over the USA for the past 50 years.  Being a pilot and using his own aircraft, it was made convenient for him to go to many places to preach what he calls the Old Jerusalem gospel.  During these years from the polemic platform he engaged in many public debates.  He was invited to meet Baptist, Sabbatarians, Institutional brethren, No Class brethren and others.  In 1950 when he met Dr. J.W. Kesner, a Baptist, over fifteen hundred people attended every service and 14 were converted following the discussion.  Speaking of debates he has also moderated for several well known evangelist who have defended the truth.


In addition to his preaching, he has written hundreds of articles and has worked with and help train at least 4 younger preachers here at West Booneville.  He has the unique ability to take something which is seemingly complicated and make it seem simple.  People, including many preachers who have heard brother Hogland have been eulogistic but I have been asked to leave this out.  I have served as one of the Deacons of this congregation for several years and send this forth hoping it will help in leading others to Christ as our redeemer.  Signed Ronnie Joe Downs

1966 1990 Present

Ward may be contacted by mail at P. O. Box 114, Booneville, MS, 38829; by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
or by phone at 662-728-3258 or 662-728-6868 or cell phone at 662-416-0613.





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